Precious traditional Tracht inspired hand-knits combined with embroidery, and ultra-feminine shapes come together to form a poetic and sustainable language in today's world.

Knitwear that is meant to be worn forever.

luxury sustainable ethical hand knits
Supporting Women

Michaela Buerger produces her designs with collectives whose mission is to achieve economic empowerment of women all over Europe. Since 2012, these women have hand-knitted over 10,000 intricate designs of Michaela's  collections.

Meet the makers
Celebrating Easter in the Alps region

I am happy to share with you some traditions and beliefs from the Alpine region, from my childhood and to share the essence with you of the celebration, whether you are Catholic or not: We are saved, even in the most challenging times. Especially in this severe actual health crisis in this world, we have to have a positive belief.