For her new collection, the designer finds inspiration in the traditional Austrian wardrobe from her childhood by twisting classic Tracht pieces in a fun and eccentric way : jankers (wool jackets) with unusual embroideries, alpine cardigans with neon details, and unexpected ornaments, etc.

With the word «Tracht» we mean clothing with a visible reference to the particular region, where Michaela Buerger comes from: from Austria, from the Alps. These clothes can be recognised by their specific shapes, colour and decorative elements. Tracht and its specicfic styles develop over centuries and differ enormously according to the region; in one area they can be quite different from that of a neighbouring valley. Therefore Tracht offers an almost bottomless well of inspiration for the development of new, contemporary knitwear pieces referring to Austrian national costume.

Tracht is not about the latest trend, it is about what we call today sustainable: clothes that you will keep forever.

ORIGINS: "I have learnt how to knit, because my mother was knitting these beautiful traditional cardigans at home. This audacious know-how and these aesthetics were always with me throughout my childhood in Austria. For every special occasion we dressed up in Tracht. My parents celebrated their marriage dressed in Tracht.

Tracht is still very present in Austrian Culture. I am going back to my roots , ORIGINS, to my identity and want to share it with today’s fashion audience"

In Origin pieces by MICHAELA BUERGER modern has been united with timeless.