At the age of four, Michaela Buerger has learned how to knit from her mother, growing up in the South of Austria.
She is a former Student of Raf Simons at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. She lives and works in France, from where she looks to her native Austria with a tender and nostalgic eye to the rich cultural knitting traditions she wants to celebrate and transmit with a contemporary vision.

Michaela Buerger is deeply committed to building a social and sustainable enterprise; the brand has always ensured its responsible sourcing and production are local and low impact. Creating garments to last a lifetime, Buerger sources fine wool from a small producer in France. Her collaboration with this producer provides employment for a rural village.

Each garment is then hand-knitted by an exclusive network of local communities of women in Eastern Europe, improving their social and economic empowerment. These craft skills continue to survive and thrive through these valuable partnerships.

Promoting a healthy, human-scale economy, Buerger creates ultra-feminine, high-quality, and everlasting designs to fit the stakes of our modern lifestyle.