Collaboration Maryam Keyhani x Michaela Buerger

Maryam Keyhani and Michaela Buerger are both mothers of young children. We both know that the work of an artist, designer, where you try to live and realize your artistic ambitions, can be challenging by wanting also to be a good mother.

We both have daughters pretty much the same age, around 2-2.5 years old. Dali, Maryam’a daughter and Anouschka, Michaela’s daughter have actually never met, but it seems like both love to draw and love already wearing pretty clothes.

In this collaboration Maryam’s Pierrot inspired universe, and the unique hand knit and crochet techniques of Michaela matched perfectly in a few very cute jumpers and cardigans. All pieces are realized entirely by hand in high quality wool and boxy comfortable shapes.

All prototypes were developed by Michaela herself, interpreting Maryams sketches.

The production will be mastered by a collective of about 200 women based in Ex-Yugoslavia, who work on a very high level with Michaela since 2012. This way of production empowers these women, who were very often direct victims of war, either socially or economically.

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