Interview with Milly Q: Why do you love Paris?

Interview with Milly Q: Why do you love Paris?

We sit down with Milly Q, the author of the book Paris à la folie by MillyQ, and a fashion and lifestyle influencer living in Paris for the past three years. Get to know more about her and learn what she loves about the city of light.

Q. Why did you decide to move from Taiwan to Paris?

After spending three years writing my Paris book “Paris à la folie by MillyQ” and coming back and forth between Paris and Taipei, I wanted to move a further step in my life. Meaning I wanted push my limits and take challenges - the challenges to give up everything and start all over again in a city that nobody knows me.

This is not an easy decision to make and it does take courage. All my friends think I’m either too brave or too crazy to give up everything I have back in Taiwan. I don’t know. To me, I think people only live once. So it’s important to conquer the fears, embrace the unknowns and pursue the dreams as I always say. My families are quite shocked too but I guess they are kind of used to my personality. I’m a romantic dreamer whose right brain always functions better than the left one. (LOL) Once I decide to do something, I’ll just go for it without thinking the consequence.

They said « Avoir une autre langue, c’est posséder une deuxième âme. » which means if you know another language then you own a second soul. It’s really beautiful, isn’t it? I love languages, I love fashion, I love styles, I love culture, I love histories, I love arts, I love writings, I love romances, I love freedom, I love people dare to speak and dare to love, I love all those exquisite details and of course I love great food, amazing desserts and mouth-watering chocolates (wink). So where else can be more suitable for me than Paris?

I always believe that the most beautiful things can’t be seen nor touched, you need to feel them for real by heart. And I also believe that everything happens in life for a reason and so as those people we met. To make us tougher, make us wiser, make us stronger, make us more experienced. We might not be able to tell if we really become different or not at this point but trust me, a little less or a little more they do leave the powers on us. Sooner or later, we will notice the differences. Of course there will be some moments I question myself but I know that I didn’t come to Paris for mistakes and for no reasons. And I do believe Paris will always be with me no matter where I go.


Q. Tell us why do you love Paris? 

A. We all need to do those things that make our souls shine and go to those places where we feel the most alive. And for me, it’s here - Paris.

I didn’t love Paris like « le coup de foudre » at first. I guess just like my every relationship, it takes time (LOL). But I do love her deeply now as she’s my « coup de cœur » for sure! There are so many streets, areas, arrondissements I like in Paris, not to mention the cafés, bistrots, restaurants or the pâtisserie shop! That’s why I wrote a Paris book which took me 3 years!! Crazy huh?!

My favorite arrondissement I would say it’s the 9th Pigalle and the 18th Montmartre. It’s lively, artistic, down-to-earth, and full of lots of energies and local vibes. It’s true that you will find tons of tourists here visiting Sacré cœur or Place du Tertre, etc. But if you know where to go then you can enjoy this area like a real Parisian!

If you wanna get some tips from me, I would say go to Pink Mamma for their truffle pasta for lunch! And head to Pain Pain Paris to have a great cup of coffee and enjoy the cutest ever pastry as teatime! Then after a whole day visiting Montmartre, sit down in Buvette Gastrothèque as they have all those amazing chic French dishes. Oh, if you are not too tired, remember to grab a drink in Maison Souquet where awarded as the most romantic hotel in the world! (Santé!).


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