We are excited to debut our collaboration with ACHIM LIPPOTH. Michaela Buerger worked with the renowned German photographer and film director to conceptualize the set design and create all the children's clothing featured in the lastest Kid's Wear Magazine, volume 49. 

Read on for our interview with Michaela as she tells us about this photoshoot.


Q. How did you discover the photographer Achim Lippoth and why did you want to work with him?

I recently collaborated on a project titled "The Protectors" with Michelle Elie and through this project, Achim Lippoth discovered my work and learned we also designed clothing for children. As the publisher and editor in chief of Kid's Wear Magazine, Achim Lippoth establishes and sets the trends in children's fashion through his biannual publication.

After connecting on Instagram, Achim invited me to do a creative, artistic story for his magazine featuring my children's designs. Naturally I was beyond honored and humbled to work with such a great photographer and to be featured so prominently in his magazine that was art directed by Mike Meiré of Meiré und Meiré, the top creative and character defining agency in Germany whose clients include Garage Magazine, Rimowa and ARCH+.

Not only are our children's clothing featured, but I was also able to create the set design for the photoshoot. I was so delighted to have the opportunity to do the set design as I also studied stage design as a fashion design student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. With this collaboration I was able to combine my two professions into these stories. It was an honor to create both the SET and FASHION for this photoshoot.


Q. What was your inspiration behind the set designs for the photo shoot? 

I developed the concept of KNITWEAR EVERYWHERE. The idea was to use all of my archive patches, and use them not only for clothing but also for the space: walls, furniture, objects.

I wanted to create the Michaela Buerger universe, to show our history, all we have done, and all we can do. All you see begins as a sketch that I have drawn, then knitted, crocheted and embroidered by hand. It has been an extraordinary journey as we produce our collections with a collective whose mission is to achieve economic empowerment of women in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This association employs up to 200 impoverished women who have over the course of seven years hand knit over 10,000 intricate designs for our women's and kids collections. 


Q. Have you seen a change in your approach to design now that you have a young daughter?  

For the kids clothing, now that I have a daughter I have a better sense how comfortable kids clothing should be, although we have always been pretty comfy in our styles. The major change is when you have a child - and all mothers will agree - time is limited. You have to do things very efficiently, which is also positive.