I was delighted when the team at Shopbop approached me to collaborate on this holiday collection and I immediately said yes, especially as this exclusive collection is inspired by Holidays, Travelling and Spending Good Times! 

I called the collection in my head: We Knit Around the World! – like we travel around the world! Destinations such as Tokyo, Ibiza, Australia, Seoul, London, China, Italy, New York, Paris  are interpreted with cool, fun, playful, witty knitted patches, flirting with the Cliché of being a tourist in each destination, but why not?! Humour and irony are very important, especially when you are up to make new experiences!! 

What is surprising for me about knitting, is that almost every country in this world has it’s own tradition with knitting, but what is the funniest fact is that almost every country has a different manner to hold the needles! There is a huge difference between a woman in china knitting and a woman in france or Austria! But what I really think is: Knitting is very cool and connects people! 

Every time I travel I try to find something made in a traditional craft, to get to know each countries technical specialty and tradition, a very enriching experience.

This Holiday collection is focused on Sweatshirts and T-Shirts (long sleeve and short sleeve), pieces that are perfect for a chic, fun and casual wardrobe.”

Each patch is entirely handmade, often a combination between knit, crochet and further embroidered, so almost each item is unique as each women has a different hand (respecting of course the design!) – so you can call your item as an unique piece, which in times of perfectly industrially produced pieces is pretty special, it gives a touch of couture and Luxury, knowing that a woman is working several hours to make an item! 

Collection exclusively available at www.shopbop.com